What Is Business Simulation ?

An enjoyable tool to apply and practice the complicated Strategies

The business management simulation “The Trading Company” is a game in which a team of about 3 to 6 people is formed. Then the company expands while conducting various negotiations with other teams.

Participants realize the importance of establishing a win-win relationship spontaneously through the experience of the simulation because they must always negotiate as a business-to-business transaction.

In addition, it is a training that works effectively for team building, and by the experience of working with a team, participants naturally gain leadership skills.
By having a “Real Experience” you will develop your strengths and improve your weakness in a way that cannot be obtained just by taking lectures.

Playtime is approximately 1 hour; with the necessary explanation and reflection afterward, it requires a minimum of 2 hours and generally works best in a 2 ½ hour time frame.

Why Design It As A Simulation Game ?

For a moment, some may think that if he has the capital, work team, and product, he can succeed and make profits, but the truth is not that easy, as many factors contribute to the success of any project. How do we know these factors? Are we taking the risk and starting a project that might cost us a lot of money and effort? From here came the inspiration to create a simulation of the business world from which the participant can personally manage essential factors for any project’s success. Thus, it can avoid issues and crises that may be the cause of his project’s failure and increase the chances of its success. Therefore, the simulation approach has three substantial advantages:

  1. t gives participants a first-hand experience of team building and cooperation among themselves.
  2. It provides the participants with an opportunity to overcome their fears regarding social communication.
  3. It gives a clear perception and vision of business management skills.

How To Bring The Simulation Game ?

We are looking for venues and community leaders who are interested in hosting us. This game is a tremendous resource and catalyst for anyone who wants to inspire, motivate, and empower your community or organization to embrace a vision of a sustainable world. If you are interested in hosting the game, please contact us using the form below.

Simulation Flow

Who Tried The Simulation ?

We present the Simulation to more than 300 companies from large companies to small and medium-sized companies.

The Gibraltar Life Insurance Co., Ltd. ORIX Bank Corporation. Mizuho Financial Group Co., Ltd.

Service industry

Toyota Motor Corporation. Hitachi Ltd. OMRON Corporation. Shimadzu Corporation.

Information and communication industry

Yahoo Japan Corp. SoftBank Corp. Dell Corp. MX Mobiling Co., Ltd.

Finance / insurance business